Instructors' Comments

Spring 2023

CS:1110 - Introduction to Computer Science

Osama had to join our group in the middle of semester. He jumped just in and helped us a lot. He is great TA and I would be glad to have him as TA for any of my classes.
Elizabeth Kleiman
Very pleased to have Osama step in and help us out. He's one of the best TAs I've worked with, and always happy to work with him!
Alberto Segre

Spring 2022

CS:1210 - Computer Science I: Fundamentals

Having Osama assigned to your class is like winning the lottery. Prompt, accurate, and thoughtful. Thank you!Alberto Segre

Fall 2021

CS:2210 - Discrete Structures

Osama was always quick to respond to all communication, was one of the first to grade his assignments. He always attended meetings and I enjoyed working with him. He is a great TA and I would be glad to work with Osama again!Elizabeth Kleiman

CS:4310 - Design and Implementation of Algorithms

Given what I have heard about Osama, I felt confident that he would be proactive and independent. Pleasantly enough, things did turn out as expected.Sriram Pemmaraju

Students' Comments

Spring 2023

CS:1110 - Introduction to Computer Science

I really appreciated that Osama would always be circulating throughout the discussion. He was very helpful and I could feel like he wanted us to succeed.

I think the most useful aspect of this course was having the discussion leader present in discussion and helping students solve the problems.

Amazing TA, very driven to helping students understand

Osama did a great job explaining and facilitating discussion. Thank you!

I really appreciate your help during discussion section. You really "discuss" during the course. After every discussion section, I have had a better understanding, and my problem-solving skill improved.

You are a great TA. Being able to teach is a skill, and you are very good at it

Fall 2022

CS:4420 - Artifical Intelligence

I enjoyed getting my assignment grades back with edited PDFs of my corrections

Thank you for thoroughly answering the questions I had in office hours and being flexible with office times when needed.

Overall great TA

Spring 2022

CS:1210 - Computer Science I: Fundamentals

Osama helped out quite a bit when he helped explain the questions more in depth.

Very helpful in labs. Office Hours were sometimes helpful

I think that when Osama would go through the lab and give general ideas on where to go so that we would not be completely lost from the start

It was useful when the TA would clarify things about the lab

You were a quality TA. Though you were a little intense.

thank you for all your help this semester. I improved because of you.

I really do like the difficulty of the labs, and your explanations were generally useful without straight giving away the solutions

I can't handle his accent.

The lab instructor helped on the assignment very well.

I enjoyed how osama helped us with the class material

I liked how you let us do our own thing and find our own solution to the problem. That really helped with my learning more than just all of us getting the same answer as the sample solution.

Spring 2018

CS:2820 - Object-Oriented Software Development

Khalid was a helpful TA who was pretty good at explaining things when I had questions.

Really nice and patient for student to explain problem and helping us to solve specific error in each problem

The TA did a very good job in helping with exercises during the discussion section as well as giving a lot of very helpful advice during the semester project. I would absolutely recommend Osama to anyone looking into taking this course.

Fall 2017

CS:1210 - Computer Science I: Fundamentals

I felt as though my TA was great

He is good at answering questions and I feel helped by him almost every discussion